About Us

We are a family business that sources, commissions and produces hand painted lunch boxes and kitchenware from India.  We started two years ago armed with a passion to promote beautiful, highly practical plastic free hand painted compartment lunch boxes as a sustainable, ever lasting lunch box solution. Fortunately we have been incredibly lucky in finding and developing fantastic relationships with the wonderful artisans with whom we work; combining their skill and handicraft heritage with our enthusiasm for seeking out beautiful designs, inspired by British Arts and Crafts, folk art and and modern design.


How and who we trade with, our ethics and our goals..

Hundreds of years worth of Experience making beautiful things…

Our production partner in Northern Indian is a 200 year old, family run business, with strong ties to the local community, recognised for promoting quality regional handicrafts and as a trusted local employer.

 They offer us as partners an open door policy to staff welfare, pay and labour conditions. For the small team of artists employed, minimum wage guidelines are met and medical expenses covered. Additionally, education expenses are covered for two children per artist family. Overtime is paid at 2.5 times above the usual salary.  

We trade fairly- paying the price, set by our producers.

 Our packaging from India to your home uses minimal plastic and when possible we ship by sea not air to reduce carbon emissions. We are working with our factory partner to totally eradicate any plastic in packaging by 2024. And we actively integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions. We reuse and recycle all packing materials where possible.

 We pride ourselves on close working relations and when selecting our production partners, assurances of ethical practices is a priority in our decision along with honest and regular communication.  We strive to comply with, and exceed where possible, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice. 


Whilst India does not yet fully adhere to a like for like stringent manufacturing regulation system legally enforceable in the UK and Europe, big changes have come over the past decade and factories are becoming more proactive as to how best ensure ethical conditions across the entire supply chain.  

 We wholly support this shift to transparency and continue to work with our partners in India to help improve and certify wherever possible each stage of production.

Our Promise to You

We try to do things the right way including giving a little back, caring for the environment and trading fairly.

cat bowl

We donate..

50p every single order to the Blood Cancer UK dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, as well as to offering information and support to blood cancer patients..


Fair Trade..

Our partner in India is a small independent factory with a long proud history of employment and production in their local community that provides fair wages and good working conditions for all employees.


Eco Friendly..

Plastic free and sustainably produced, the great majority of our items are made of stainless steel which harbours longevity and is infinitely recyclable – More steel is recycled each year than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic combined!

Family Run..

From Bigoudi the cat who models our pet bowl range, to (uncle) Dan, Dan the Shipping Man we’re keepin’ it in the family!

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