WOW WOW WOW! Did you catch our beautiful Folksy Floral tiffins on Masterchef 2023 tonight?! The Fab Vanessa D’Souza used our tiffins as a way to showcase her dish for this week’s challenge to serve up her curry feast on the UK’s biggest food show! The show featured our  three compartment pyramid Folksy Floral in a selection of colours and we can see the judges were rightfully impressed at this nice colourful touch!

“The absolute food dream would be to turn my food passion project into a paid full-time career”

Three compartment tiffin Traditional Tiffin tiffin lunch box

Our tiffins offered the perfect way for Vanessa to serve up a delicious Goan Curry to the Judges and give her dish some extra fairy dust…But not that she needs it as we think Vanessa is a star in the making! And are wholly supportive of her mission and passion to raise awareness about the connection between neurodiversity and how food is cooked and served. Something I had never really considered until speaking with Vanessa and realising that this too affected my own daughter who suffers with sensory processing. 


Hand Painted Tiffin Lunch Box Metal Tiffin Box Tiffin Carrier Traditional Tiffin Indian Tiffin
Three compartment tiffin Traditional Tiffin tiffin lunch box

“I’d love to be the first autistic chef that creates exciting recipes for neurodiverse and neurotypical people alike, both in a cookbook, and via other assessable means for the neurodiverse community”

For many people who suffer with a neurodiverse condition, food being stored and served seperately is an important way to ensure the food is appealing. Indian tiffins- the original compartment lunch boxes offer a brilliant way to transport and serve food in seperate compartments. We can’t wait to see how Vanessa progresses through the series and beyond with this awesome and important mission as a neurodiverse chef -we’ll be cheering on whilst serving up a tiffin snack box feast! Yay, go Vanessa!

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