Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

You’ve got the tiffin, and now to fill it! One of the most appealing aspects of a traditional tiffin is the separate compartments which bring a great element of practicality when creating a yummy and inspiring lunchbox combo! Especially if you’re like us and enjoy sweet things as much as savoury, get those separate compartments to work!
Here’s some of our favourite ways to fill our tiffins.

Go Greek

  • Top tier- Falafel Salad (mixed leaves, falafels and a dollop of
    homemade hummus )
  • Bottom tier- Chopped fresh fruit salad
  • Got a third tier? Throw in some slices of pitta bread and
    stuffed vine leaves
What is a tiffin
A great lunch box for all cuisines
Photograph by Jack Spicer Adams
Spice Up Your Lunch

  • Top tier- Rice, Home made Chicken Tikka and a dollop of
    minty yogurt dip.
  • Bottom tier- Mini samosas and Onion Bhajiis.
  • Got a third tier? Make a refreshing mint salad- mix some
    mixed leaves, chopped fresh mint, diced tomato and red
    onion and dress with a drizzle of chilli oil, salt and pepper.
“..if you’re like us and enjoy sweet things as much as savoury, get those separate compartments to work!”
Italian Stallion

  • Top tier- Home made sundried tomato pesto pasta salad
  • Bottom tier- Tricolore salad- tomato, mozzarella and
    avocado with a drizzle of basil oil and shaved parmesan.
  • Got a third tier- Homemade Lemon Ricotta cake and some
    fresh cherries.
arts and crafts design lunch box
Tiffin Tea Party
We especially love our large 4 tier thai ‘pyramid’ tiffin for a
show stopping tea party picnic!

  • Largest tier- Cucumber and Cream Cheese sandwiches-
    crusts off of course!
  • 2 nd largest tier- Homemade scones 🙂
  • 3 rd largest tier – small pot of clotted cream, mini jar of jam
    and butter portions
  • Smallest tier- Fresh strawberries

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