We were really excited to see our popular Ashdown 3 Tier Tiffin  featured on the delicious looking instagram account of Sakshi @homemadehappiness_food . Sakshi is a vegetarian and vegan content and recipe creator who regularly posts a fantastic colourful array of South Asian and International Vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Our thoughts were firmly on a sweet Sunday brunch after seeing Sakshi’s divine looking malpua – a South Asian friend pancake often gently flavoured with cardamon and dunked in sugar syrup. How perfect do they look!

 “Malpua is often made during festivals like Holi and Diwali and on special occasions. They are also a popular street food

Ashdown Tiffin Hand Painted Tiffin box Lunch box ideas
Tiffin Lunchbox Indian lunchbox Dabba box

 Sakshi also made a delicious Chole bhature with pickle and masala onions and served in our Ashdown tiffin. Mmmm! Talk about food goals for our tiffin lunch boxes! Chloe Bhature is a dish popular in the Northern areas of the Indian subcontinent, a combination of chana masala and bhatura/puri, a deep-fried bread made from maida. Chole bhature is often eaten as a breakfast dish, sometimes accompanied with lassi, but we’d eat it anytime!

Follow  @homemadehappiness_food  for vegetarian friendly inspiration and homely dishes to make your heart sing.  

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Malpua Recipe

Chloe Bhature Recipe


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