Masala Dabba Spice Tins

MARCH, 2022
Just what is a masala dabba? You may have heard the word, especially if you’re interested in South Asian cooking. There are a number of ways to describe this everyday South Asian kitchen essential- masala box, dabba tin, spice box, spice tin, dabba box…. Masala means ‘spices’ and ‘dabba’ means ‘box’ in Hindi. A Masala dabba has a place in every spice lover’s kitchen from Mumbai to Manchester! And is used to store spices for quick access when cooking.
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Perfectly organised spices!
In my own western kitchen, where we cook with spices a few times a week I use
my masala dabba every time the recipe calls for spices. It’s the perfect way to
best prepare and have my spices readily available for ease during the cooking
process. Not only do all the different colours look beautiful in the tin (essential
prop for ‘the gram!’) they provide the most practical way to access your spices
quickly – especially helpful if I’m following a recipe whilst cooking! There is
nothing worse than fiddling about with those infamous glass spice jars/bottles
or trying to measure out at speed from a large 100g/500g spice bag- we buy our
spices in industrial quantities in our house! For me the masala dabba spice tin
has become a kitchen essential- just like my chapatti rolling pin and garlic press.

    “..A Masala dabba has a place in every spice lover’s kitchen from Mumbai to Manchester!”
    Traditionally you might have around 7 small stainless steel un-lidded pots, and a
    small spoon, all sat in a larger stainless steel round box with a lid, which maybe
    all stainless steel or clear with a stainless steel rim. There are some very ornate
    designs available- made of carved wood, copper or even gold! We adore our hand
    painted designs (INSERT LINK), many bespoke to us, as not only are they
    extremely practical they have the added bonus of looking stunning on a kitchen
    work surface whether it’s going to be a ‘spicy’ evening or not!

      masala dabba spice tin
      You’ll never look back once you start using a masala dabba.
      If you want to fill your masala dabba tin with spices or gift someone one of our
      hand painted spice tins and fill it with spices yourself.- perhaps with a hand
      written favourite recipe? We’d recommend these 7 spices most popular spices
      for fans of South Asian cooking.
      Garam Masala, Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Ground Coriander, Mustard Seeds, whole
      cumin seeds, Tumeric Powder and ground ginger.
      If you’d prefer a pre filled tin our friends do an award winning one wrapped in a
      sari wrap that you can purchase HERE (insert link)
      Whatever you decide a hand painted masala dabba tin is the perfect foodie gift
      whatever the occasion!
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