Masala dabba

Spice Tins - Masala Dabba

Traditionally used in India to organise and quickly access spices whilst cooking, a masala dabba, ‘spice tin’ is a great way to keep on top of your ingredients whilst you keep your kitchen work top clean and orderly. PLUS you’ll find you never forget to add that vital ingredient again! The Pretty Tiffin range of masala dabbas are made of stainless steel and delicately hand painted in India, the intricate patterns and colour schemes look beautiful in any kitchen and provide a bright and stylish talking point in your home.

An Indian masala dabba box can also double as a jewellery box, a place to store buttons or other small items, or even for small servings at an intimate gathering – think sweets, dips, chutneys and pickles or peanuts!

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